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World Cancer Day 2020

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Ahead of World Cancer Day 2020 you are invited to attend a Free event to find out about the supports available to those affected by cancer and learn the results of a research study at East Galway & Midlands Centre.

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About The Study

The EVeCanS Study: Evaluation of the impact of Support for Cancer Patients and their families.

To investigate if and how the supports (e.g. counselling, touch therapies, nutritional advice, exercise programmes, information etc) offered by the East Galway and Midlands Cancer Support Centre are helping cancer patients and their families to live better with cancer.  The results will help to further develop cancer support services locally and nationally.

Event Agenda:

12:00-12:05: Welcome and Introduction: Mossey Concannon, Chairman EG&M and Dr Mary Rogan, General Practitioner

12:05 – 12:20 Dr Frances Drummond, Breakthrough Cancer Research “Unmet needs: The Costs and Benefits of Community-based Cancer Support” EVeCAN Study

12:20 – 12:30 Dr Helen Greally, National Clinical Lead in Psycho-oncology, National Cancer Control Programme “Psychotherapy and Cancer”

12:30 -12:40 Elaine Grenage “Lymphatic drainage”

12:40–12:50 Dr Mary Rogan, ”Sexual Health and its importance for cancer patients”

12:50-13:00 Honor Gerarty, Nutritionist “Nutrition and cancer”

13:00-13:10 Lisa Looney, Physiotherapist “Exercise and Cancer”

13:10-13:20 Caitriona Duggan, Advanced Nurse Practitioner “The link between hospital and cancer support centre”

13:20-13:30 Edel Chadwick “The Cancer Patient Perspective”

13:30-13:40 Jacqueline Daly, Director of Services, EG&M Cancer Support, ECPC Board Member. “The Benefits of Complementary Therapies to the cancer experience”

13:40-14:00: Panel discussion and question and answer session

Closing comments; Mrs Jacqueline Daly