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You are invited to join A personalised at-home exercise programme designed for you to maximise your recovery following cancer treatment.

Participation is free and you can join from the comfort of your home.

Exercise and proper nutrition are crucial for recovery from cancer treatment and prevent onset of late emerging effects. This is a multidisciplinary programme, spans all types of cancer and aims to increase patient’s health, fitness and quality of life. It combines Personalised exercise with proper nutritional advice to maximise your recovery. The programme is flexible and allows you to be in charge. Beyond recovery, the programme will support the transition into a healthy and active lifestyle.

Don’t worry about your fitness levels – the programme is Personalised and adaptive and is carried out at an intensity appropriate for you and progresses at a pace that allows you to manage and safely alleviate your cancer treatment related symptoms.

The Exercise Programme will include:
A full physiologic assessment of your fitness
A full personalized exercise programme based on your fitness levels and including the following:
Cardiorespiratory fitness exercises
Strength and endurance Training
Balance Training
Flexibility and mobility
A weekly supervised exercise session (online or on-campus)
Nutrition advice, planning and monitoring for healthy weight management
Evaluation of well-ness and motivation
Participate in the design and development of post-treatment resources

Additional Information:

Can React is a personalised exercise programme that is tailored to the individual, their current fitness and their needs. 

First, we will be in touch to arrange a short interview to understand your current need and an assessment of your fitness level. The assessment consists of easy exercise tests that helps us to design your individualised programme. Following this you will receive a personalised exercise programme that will be tailored to your needs.  The exercise programme consists of a weekly exercise plan, a supervised exercise session online with your exercise physiologist. You will receive stepwise guidance. Your exercise physiologist will show you how to do the exercise and guide you through the one-to-one sessions. This will be continued for 12 weeks. We will monitor your progress and adjust the programme for maximum benefit. The exercise programme can be attended online from your home. 

This year we are providing a full health and fitness assessment at the start of the programme on campus. We can discuss this further when we talk. If this is difficult the programme can also be completed fully online or at home.