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Empowering Women in Menopause: A Virtual Educational Talk

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Title: “Empowering Women in Menopause: A Virtual Educational Talk”

Summary: East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support was excited to present a hybrid educational talk on empowering women in menopause, featuring guest speakers Prof Martha Hickey, Dr Fionán Donohoe, and Yvonne O’Meara. During this talk, our guest speakers discussed the physical and emotional changes that occur during menopause, as well as strategies for managing these changes and maintaining overall health and well-being.

Details: The hybrid educational talk was held on Thursday, November 17th. We were delighted to welcome over 40 people in person and we had 20 join us via Zoom. The talk was recorded and is now available on [link to podcast].

Guest Speakers:

Prof Martha Hickey is a leading expert in women’s health and menopause. Her presentation, titled “Women are disempowered in this space”, will explore how women can take control of their health during menopause.

Dr Fionán Donohoe is a gynaecologist with extensive experience in menopause management. His presentation, titled “Demystifying menopause – Learn about the symptoms of menopause and the options for managing them – more than just Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)!”, will provide a comprehensive overview of the various treatment options available to manage menopause symptoms.

Yvonne O’Meara is a patient advocate and member of the Irish Cancer Societies Women’s Health Initiative. Her presentation, titled “The patient voice has been key to the success of the Irish Cancer Societies Women’s Health Initiative. How might your voice help research going forward?”, will explore the role of patient voices in shaping healthcare research and policy.

In addition to the talk, we are pleased to allow access to the guest speakers’ PowerPoint presentations and other resources.

The video recording is published on YouTube and can be accessed at

The Podcast will be split into three chapters and is available on all common streaming platform. You can see which platform are supported here EGM Cancer Support • A podcast on Anchor