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IDEGM-FR-04NameDonor Charter
Revision3Approved ByEdel Chadwick
Approved Date01/03/2021Review Date2023

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East Galway & Midlands Cancer Support: EGM
EGM-MA-01 Master List of Policies and Procedures


All of our services, including fundraising, are carried out with reference to our published Core Values of Patient-Centred Approach, Excellence, Teamwork, Respect, Quality Improvement, Openness & Transparency, Compassion, Integrity and Sharing.

Specifically, in relation to fundraising, EGM is also committed to complying with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising, which was drawn up in the context of the Charities Bill 2007 and now the Charities Act 2009.

  • Our pledge is to treat all our donors with respect, care honesty and openness.
  • We commit to being accountable and transparent in our fundraising activities
  • We promise to utilise donations for the purpose for which they were given

We commit that you, our donors and prospective donors, will:

  • be informed about the services and developments and the work of EGM that donations help to support
  • be informed of the identity of those serving on the Board of Directors, and that the Board will exercise prudent judgement in its stewardship responsibilities
  • have access to EGM’s most recent financial statements. These accounts are available from our Finance Department for inspection at any time
  • be assured your donations will be handled responsibly and to the greatest advantage of EGM
  • receive a prompt acknowledgement of donations
  • be assured that we will respect the right to privacy of our donors and will comply with the laws relating to fundraising and the use of personal data
  • be assured that our fundraisers and volunteers will observe the highest professional standards at all times
  • be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of EGM or hired third party agents
  • have the opportunity for any names to be deleted from mailing lists and to assured that our database will not be shared with any other organisations

We also commit to deal with any queries or complaints courteously and as efficiently as possible, and that we will make easily available the agreed procedures for making and responding to complaints.

If you have a comment about any aspect of EGM’s work please feel free to contact us by email at: [email protected]